Inline Games 2016

Hello everybody,

we're are proud to announce, that inline games is back in the game.
Berlin Freestyle Skaters from Slalomplace Berlin will organise
Inline Games 2016 from friday 29 to sunday 31 of july in Berlin.

Come to the City of Berlin for three days full of skate action, friendship and party.
We will post all details and start online registration here on this site in may.

Hope to see you in berlin this summer
Team Slalomplace

Inline Games 2014

Welcome to Inline Games Hannover 2014:

31.01.2014 to 2.02.2014 Hannover will be the center for all european freestyle skaters. The Inline Games 2014 will take place in Hannover for the eighth time and this year it`s a three cone event again. Come to Hannover and join a perfect indoor area with thousands of spectators yelling for your performance. We are the highlight of a new youth exhibition called "sportsNOW".

Thanks to all helping hands, judges and skaters!!!

Final Rankings

Battle Slalom Men:                                     Battle Slalom Women:

  1. Romain Lebois            France             1. Daria Kuznetsova   Russia
  2. Alexandre Claris         France             2. Maryna Boiko          Ukraine
  3. Alexandr Timchenko   Russia              3. Angelika Prucnal     Poland
  4. Teddy Thierry             France              4. Zoé Granjon           France

Classic Freestyle Men:                               Classic Freestyle Women:

  1.  Alexandre Claris         France            1. Daria Kuznetsova    Russia
  2.  Alexandr Timchenko   Russia             2. Maryna Boiko          Ukraine
  3.  Romain Lebois            France            3. Ksenia Dubinchik     Russia
  4.  Alexander Shulgan     Belarus           4. Zoé Granjon            France

Speed Slalom Men:                                     Speed Slalom Women:

  1. Savio Brivio                  Italy                1. Lily Granjon             France
  2. Alessandro Brambilla   Italy                2. Barbara Bossi          Italy
  3. Frederico Morrone       Italy                3. Federica De Sensi    Italy

Freestyle Slide Men:                                   Freestyle Slide Women:

  1. Alexey Tsokolov      Russia                 1. Anna Lubianaia        Russia
  2. Boris Rozbroj          France                 2. Chiara Lualdi            Italy
  3. Tomas Pour            Czech Republic    3. Carlyle Lim                Malaysia

Jump Men:

  1. Lorenzo Demuru     Italy
  2. Francesco Galli        Itlay
  3. Pierre Celat             France